Enterprise-Class Trouble Ticket Software

  1. Is it imperative that your business track product issues or defects, customer information, customer feedback, trouble tickets, or service orders?

  2. Is your company a startup, too focused, or not yet large enough to have its own IT department?

  3. Is your IT department overwhelmed or too busy to operate and support yet another system?

  4. Does your business or department provide a service or product to many customers or users?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then LegendSoft SPoTS® can help you boost your bottom line by reducing overhead and improving the quality of the products and services you provide to your customers.

SPoTS (an acronym for Service and Problem Tracking System) is a browser-based software application used to track dynamic and actionable business information.   SPoTS is especially efficient and beneficial for small or mid-sized businesses that do not wish to manage their own information systems or are too focused or busy to do so.

While SPoTS excels as trouble ticket software in an Information Technology environment, it is much more than a trouble ticketing system.   In fact, over one-half of SPoTS' customer base is in a field or industry unrelated to Information Systems or Information Technology.

Because of its inherent flexibility, not only is SPoTS used for trouble ticketing, issue tracking, and customer relationship management (CRM), but it is also used for:
  • facilities management
  • managing medical practices
  • managing the product backlog in an Agile environment
  • customer service management
  • tracking project time, materials, and costs
  • help desk software
  • tracking project requirements
  • project management
  • group task management
  • tracking work orders
  • tracking service orders
  • construction project management
  • call center software
  • SPoTS® is developed and operated by LegendSoft, Inc., an Application Service Provider (ASP), and a provider of software consulting services to both public corporations and private businesses in Atlanta Georgia.

    An Eco-Friendlier Solution

    SPoTS® not only helps to boost your bottom line by improving the quality of your products and services, but it also eliminates the costs associated with purchasing hardware and software and running your own system on site.

    The environmental impact of manufacturing computer equipment, the cost of powering and cooling it, and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing the power, are significant over the lifespan of a system.  

    Our servers run 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.   We encourage you to take advantage of this fact, and join over two hundred other customers, by powering down your servers or by preemptively avoiding their purchase.   By utilizing the SPoTS SaaS (Software as a Service) model, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also increase your profits.  

    This is truly a win / win situation for you and the environment.

    minimum system requirements

    firefox 1.0.2 or greater
    netscape 6.2 or greater, or
    internet explorer 5.5 or greater,
    and an internet connection

    current system information

    scheduled maintenance


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